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Revised September 1, 2011

1. Season

A: First Practice October 24, 2011

B: Dual meets December, January, February as shown on schedule

C: Division (sectional) tournaments Jan. 29, 2012.

A coaches meeting will be held to determine seeding for the sectionals.

D: An OYWA District District tournament Feb. 5, 2012, and State Tournament Feb. 12, 2012

will be for the top qualifiers in all the divisions.

2. Eligibility:

A: Regular season eligibility:

The Ohio Youth Wrestling Association is limited to students from 1st grade to 6th grade,

with birth dates after August 1, 1998 (for the 2012 season). OHSAA eligibility is the rule.

Your roster will be checked. Birth certificates and/or report cards are required upon


B: Tournament eligibility:

1. Each wrestler must weigh in and compete at least 4 times during the regular season to

compete in the varsity (sectional) tournament.

2. Each wrestler must have made weight at his entered weight class (or lower) at least 4


3. At Sectional Tournament each wrestler must make scratch weight. – no allowance.

(56 is 56, etc)

4. At District Tournament each wrestler will be allowed a 1 lb growth allowance.

(56 is 57, etc)

5. At State Tournament each wrestler will be allowed a 2 lb growth allowance.

(56 is 58, etc)

6. This tournament is intended for Ohio Youth Wrestlers who participate each week in our dual meets. Missing a scheduled OYWA event to participate in a non-OYWA event will

not be tolerated and may affect tournament eligibility. The division manager reserves the

right to determine the eligibility of any entrant.

C. All coaches must have background check. Coaches pass will be issued to be used for all

practices and dual meets.

D. All teams must have at least one person with a certified CPR card.

3. Roster

Each team is required to supply a complete roster. Please send a complete list of all your

wrestlers to the Manager. List names in order of weight from lightest to heaviest.

4. Transfers:

When a wrestler begins the season with one team he may not transfer to another team within

the league without prior approval. The decision of the general manager shall be final.

5. Starting & Weigh In Times: This is extremely important

A. The teams that wrestle first are responsible for moving mats, taping and setting up scoring


B. The teams that wrestle last are responsible for storing mats and returning scoring tables.

This is a must. Don’t shirk your duties. Unless this rule is carried out the Board of Directors may assess a fine to each team to cover the cost of excessive gym rental. (after one warning).

6. Weigh In:

A. Present yourself at the scale with your entire team.

B. Have your wrestlers line up by order of weight class -- 56 lb. first and on up to 180 last.

C. Weigh in for each wrestler will only be conducted once. No one will permitted to check his

League weight or come back to try again. If you want to check weights do so at home. The

official league scale is the only scale permitted in the gym.

D. This league will not tolerate any wrestler’s attempt to cut weight by undo measures the day

of the match. By this we mean, (1) Running in the gym with excessive clothing on. (2) Any

other method other than a normal body function. This league cannot and will not endorse

children of this age trying to reduce weight.

E. All wrestlers are required to weigh in singlet and optionally, socks.

F. Any wrestler 4th grade and above is required to wrestle varsity if there is a spot available (if

you have a 56, he must go) Exception: agreement between both coaches that it is a total


G. Ohio Youth Wrestling Association reserves the right to evaluate any excessive weight loss

and thereby determine the wrestlers eligibility.

7. Sportsmanship:

Each team must have one person (beside coaching staff) responsible for policing the gym. This

person will be responsible for keeping order of both wrestlers and non-wrestlers during the time

your team is in the gym. Excessive coaching and or fan reaction in an unsportsmanlike manner

will not be tolerated, and could result in ejection from the gym. This includes non coaching

people (fans). Continuted actions will be referred to the Board of Directors for possible

expulsion of the entire team or coach from this league for one year. Please control your

coaches, wrestlers, and fans. Wrestlers are required to shake hands before and after each bout.

Let us all maintain this friendly expression throughout this league. All such incidents are to be

reported to the General Manager.

Only two coaches will be permitted on the mat or within the ten foot area around the mat during

any match. Both are required to stay in the same corner. Keep all non-participating wrestlers

away from the mat.

8. Official Score Sheet:

Each head coach or designated person should immediately upon entering the building contact

the manager at the weigh in station to pick up #1 the official score sheet and #2 the All Star

wrestlers list. After weigh in contact the opposing coach to determine your line up. Once this

has been determined, fill out the All Star sheet and hand deliver to the person in charge of the

All Star mat. Please list the weights, grades, and ages of all your All Star wrestlers.

Very Important: The official score sheet must be turned in at the end of each session.

9. Scoring & Timing:

Each team is to provide one score keeper and one time keeper. It is very important that these

people be knowledgeable about wrestling.

10. All Star Matches:

Mats will be designated as the All Star mats. There will be an official to work this mat. Also,

there will be one person in charge of scheduling these bouts. Turn you “All Star” sheet over to

this person. Please, where at all possible, limit your All Star matches to your time period only.

Don’t send them out early and don’t keep them beyond your time. Each wrestler is limited to

one match only. Please record actual weight, grade and age of each wrestler on the All Star


11. Current National Federation rules (as modified below by OYWA) will apply

A. Headgear is mandatory

B. Note Federation rules 4-2-1 for wrestlers appearance and health.

C. Uniforms are optional -- No loose clothing. If a team uniform is supplied, it must be worn

D. Wrestling shoes are optional but the wrestler must at least have gym shoes without metal



F. All time periods are 1-1-1 minutes

G. 2 minutes allowed for injury time out. Maximum of two injury time outs. Loss of contact

lenses or equipment adjustment will be at referees discretion.

H. No overtime in dual meets.

I. A tech fall will be a 12 pt differential.

J. All Star: Two one minute periods. 1-1.

K. Weight Classes:

52, 56, 60, 64, 67, 70, 73, 76, 79, 82, 86, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 120, 132, 150, 175.

a. No varsity wrestler may participate under 48 pounds, max wt for heavywt is 175 lbs.

b. A wrestler will be permitted to wrestle “up” only one weight class.

12. Preparation

Important: To insure the smooth operation of all matches you are to have your wrestlers

warmed up, external warm up clothing off, headgear on and ready to wrestle when their turn

comes up.

League Rules